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Gobeille-Robinson & Associates

We don’t react
to market trends,
we predict them.

Always keeping our clients
ahead of the competition.

We’re Gobeille Robinson.


40+ years of continual improvement makes all the difference to our clients and to us.


Our cornerstone, built on open and honest communication, relationship building and long term vision.


Our approach to creating the perfect connections between the manufacturers, we represent, our distributor partners and the end users of our products.

Why you should partner with us

Of all the lessons we’ve learned in more than four decades as an electrical representative, the most important is simple: keep learning. That’s why you can be confident in a partnership with Gobeille-Robinson. We understand the changing needs and ever-toughening standards of the industry. We always think a step ahead and know when to recommend alternative solutions. And we know that the best way to serve you—is to keep learning.


Is it enough to say you’ve lasted in this business?

We don't think so. Which is why we don’t look to the past; we look to the future of the electrical services industry and help our clients know what’s coming next. From new product assessments to strategic inventory management, Internet project databases, planning rooms, market analysis and training, we partner with leading manufacturers to make it happen. That kind of ability only comes with the right combination of knowledge and experience. And we’re ready to put it to work for you.


Our services include:

  • Customer service contracts
  • Product introduction and training
  • Strategic product line planning and implementation
  • Coordination of user, distributor objectives
  • Take-off support services
  • Negotiation & contact expertise
  • Identifying & providing solutions that reduce installed costs


For some, they want a supplier who says what they want to hear.

For the partners working with us, they want something more. We built a reputation—and lasting relationships—on asking honest and yes, sometimes difficult, questions. It's this dedication to discovering competitive information that makes a positive difference for manufacturers and distributors, and delivers contractors the right equipment for the job. Because for us, success is more than meeting specs. It's finding real answers that add real value to the product lines we represent.



There's an advantage to seeing the big picture.

And, we bring it to every partner we work with. Our technical and practical knowledge of the electrical industry is just the beginning. It's our ability to understand the unique needs of every project and coordinate the right products and timing that helps to set us apart. Bringing success for the, manufacturer, and the end user.